Digital Madness

Digital Photography workshops with Alex Mustard in the Cayman Islands

Digital Madness

2018 Photo Workshops with Dr. Alexander Mustard in the Cayman Islands

Ocean Frontiers is proud to once again be hosting Cayman Digital Madness, at Compass Point Dive Resort, their annual underwater photography workshop with Alex Mustard.

Be sure to book now to join a week jammed with specialized diving tailored for enthusiastic underwater photographers, with one to one tutoring in the pool, lectures and group image review sessions under the expert guidance of Alex Mustard.

Alex has Cayman's reefs dialed in and is a master at picking which dive sites and what time of day will produce the best photographic opportunities.  Under Alex's guidance you will impress yourself with the results you and your camera will produce during a Digital Madness Workshop.  Any underwater photographer can advance their portfolio to  whole new level.  Alex's underwater photography workshops are never run as a competition. Sharing and collaboration fuel better learning and overall results from the group.

2018 Workshop Dates to be released. 


One on One Instruction

Alex says:

"It is exciting to be offering more workshops in Grand Cayman. I know people have been really looking forward to them".

"Although Cayman is in the tropics, the different seasons do provide different photographic conditions, opportunities and subjects, and this was my motivation for moving the workshop to a different time of year. So for the next few years we will be alternating the workshop from Summer to Winter  in order to unlock more of Cayman’s photographic potential."

"The calm weather and sunny days are also very suited to shooting split levels at Stingray city and we will be planning special trips to see the rays in the right conditions to produce these images."

"Of course we will still be shooting Cayman’s dramatic walls, the East End’s captivating caverns and all the classic subjects that have proved so popular with photographers on previous workshops. These include a host of macro critters and big creatures, such as rays, turtles and sharks and much more."

"The workshop is a busy schedule, we work hard for our images, but each year the group produces an excellent selection. There is no competition element in the week, which everyone always says helps promote a friendly and sharing atmosphere. I hope that you can join me in Cayman for 2018".


Digital Madness Group in Cayman

Coral Spawning Workshops

Eleven years ago Dr Alex Mustard and Steve Broadbelt, co-owner of Ocean Frontiers, were the first people to correctly predict and observe mass coral spawning in the Cayman Islands. Since then Ocean Frontiers has successfully seen the event every single year, with predictions on the timing always within 5 minutes. Few, if any, dive operators anywhere in the world have such a perfect record of predicting coral spawning. Alex and Steve have even presented their study at the Zoological Society in London.

Dates to be announced.

Alex says:

"Coral spawning in Grand Cayman is very close to my heart and I am very excited about sharing it for the first time as part of a photography workshop. The Coral Spawning Workshop is unique event and is limited to just 9 photographers and extended to 8 nights to make the most of the spectacle. The price is higher than the normal workshop because we will be running the boat with less divers and also because the event is one day longer."

"Coral spawning is an amazing spectacle, when the reef’s corals, which spend most of the year doing pretty convincing impressions of rocks, suddenly get all animal and burst into effervescent life. In short you will never look at a coral reef the same way again."

Coral spawning takes place over at least three nights and the first night of the spawn is at the end of the first full day of the workshop. For this reason we strongly recommend arriving at least a day or two early, especially if travelling from Europe (as the late nights are tough with European jet-lag). We will take the mornings off during the coral spawning days."

"The rest of the workshop week will be a mixture of classic Cayman diving, but with a strong emphasis on capturing the behavior of reef life throughout the workshop. We will also make a dusk dive for fish spawning photography and a non-coral spawning night dive, for creative photographic techniques."

Coral Spawning in Cayman


Alex on deck in Cayman
Alex says:
"The Controlling Light Workshop: is my classic Cayman wide angle photography class, where we shoot the very best of Grand Cayman’s diving. The week is dominated by my favourite photogenic and productive dive sites, with almost every boat trip being bespoke and not something that it is possible to do in exactly the way we do it at any other time."
"The focus of the workshop is on wide angle photography and it aims to reconstruct the way you shoot wide angle, both from technical and artistic point of view, while you enjoy shooting reef walls, coral caverns, the Kittiwake wreck, stingrays, reef sharks, turtles, tarpon and much more. We even fit in some macro dives too."
"I do not teach underwater photography using a paint by numbers approach. I will tell you what to do, but I want you to understand why you need to apply that technique in that way to get the killer image. I want you to leave my workshop a more knowledgeable and better underwater photographer, as well as with a collection of great images. I want you to understand what goes into stunning shots, so that you can take them on dives, whether I am there to help you on your next trip or not."
"Light after all is fundamental in photography and when used well transforms a mundane scene into the extra ordinary. The workshop goes back to basic principles of light underwater and looks at the nature of different light sources we use. We build from these fundamentals into these different types of light must be controlled and can be exploited in different ways to create stunning underwater images, with different effects and moods. This workshop has been called the “world’s best underwater photography course” and “the workshop that every underwater photography owes it to themselves to do”.
"The workshop runs to a busy schedule, we work hard for our images. We take our photography seriously, although not ourselves. There is no competition element in the week, which everyone always says helps promote a friendly and sharing atmosphere, and many images from the workshop go on an pick up awards in international underwater photography contests. In short, I hope that you can join me in Cayman." 


Please note that, while we will endeavor to find a roommate for those who are single travelers and would prefer to share a two-bedroom accommodation, in

the event of a roommate not being available the single occupancy supplement will apply.

The program will commence on the evening of the first day of each workshop. Therefore, if you are planning on flying in on this day we would suggest and recommend arriving on the earlier flights so as not to miss out on the first talk. If you are coming from Europe or The West Coast perhaps consider arriving a day earlier and adding a night to your package.

In order to confirm your spot we would require 50% deposit at the time of booking with the final 50% being due 45 days prior to arrival.

Cancellation policy: Full refund with more then 30 days notice prior to first day of arrival. No refund with less than 30 days notification.

Those wishing to come with diving or non-diving partners please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a variety of package options.
Or call toll free from USA: 1 800 348 6096

All photos are taken by participants of the workshop in the Cayman Islands. Not all results typical, side effects include desire to make multiple dives per day and camera envy of fellow participants.