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Why I Dive...

Why I Dive...

Personally, life divides neatly into two unequal parts. There’s diving and there’s surface intervals.

Mine is not a unique addiction. One of my favorite things about Ocean Frontiers & Compass Point Dive Resort is the familiar faces one sees on the dive boat on visit after visit.  There’s an unstated understanding among many if not most divers that diving is not optional – it’s an essential part of what makes us happy.

What is it about scuba diving, and specifically diving the East End of Grand Cayman that is so compelling? Is it the sensation of weightless as one drifts slowly from the boat to the reef? Is it the phantasmagoric world that slowly comes into focus as one drifts down like a leaf in an autumn breeze?

Is it a moment of awe and wonder with a shark or a spotted eagle-ray or a turtle? Is it the silence, the nearly meditative quality of having little more on your mind than the sound of your own breath? Is it the feeling of community and kinship with other dive addicts who “get it?”

Yes. And more.

What about you? Why do you dive? 


Mark Rovner is a Guest Blogger and longtime diving customer of Ocean Frontiers, Cayman Islands. 

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