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What's Yellow and we all live in...?

What's Yellow and we all live in...?

What's yellow, 22 feet long, weighs 16,000 lbs and can dive to 1000 feet.... and is sitting in front of Ocean Frontiers dive shop?  Yes, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, we all live in a yellow submarine. 

The former PC-1203 Perry Class deep submersible has found a new home at Ocean Frontiers. The collectors item was planned to be be melted down for scrap metal, when Ocean Frontiers co-founder, Steve Broadbelt, had a better idea.  "Even though the dive shop is located on the main road, many of our customers would just drive on by without noticing us, that will now change" states Broadbelt. 

The fully intact, retired sub now sits right in front of the dive shop for all passersby to see.  The ultimate 'Yard Art' for any diver is likely to become a land mark in the East End district and Ocean Frontiers driving directions will change forever; "Keep driving down the main road until you see the yellow submarine". 

Now in her final resting place, some additional restoration work will be conducted including a brand new coat of bright yellow paint.  Make sure you get your photo with her on your next visit. 

Tours of the sub interior will be available by request. 

A special thank you to Atlantis Submarines for making this all possible. 

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