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Become a Open Water Scuba Instructor with an Ocean Frontiers IDC

Are You Ready, Willing & Able to Become an Ambassador to the Underwater World? By IDC Course Director John Swanson There is nothing better than being able to teach and share your passion with others. Being a PADI Dive Instructor can change your life. You’ll get to work all over the world, meet people of different cultures and dive in amazing places. You’ll also get to do what you love the most: dive. PADI Instructors are the sought after dive professionals around the world because they have completed the program that sets the standard for training dive professionals. I still stand by the fact that no other job has ever given me the reward and satisfaction that I get from certifying divers. The influence you can have on a student is tremendous. Teaching others to dive and giving them an exciting hobby is a tremendous feeling. Most people would naturally believe...
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