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Top 10 Reasons to Go Night Diving in the Cayman Islands

There are two kinds of scuba divers, those who have dived at night and those who are going to go night diving.  It may be for no other reason than the opportunity to get one more dive in for the day. For those who need some convincing to go swimming around in the dark, here are ten reasons you should tick night diving off your bucket list with Ocean Frontiers.   1-  Nocturnal marine life you have never seen before 2-  Guided dive by one of our expert crew 3-  Shallow reef dive, no current, calm and easy 4-  State-of-the-Art, 3000 Lumens underwater light included free 5-  See amazing macro critters that you often miss in the day 6-  Unlimited bottom time, great value for money 7-  See Coral Fluorescence with Ultraviolet dive lights and ‘Let it Glow’ 8-  Hot Cocoa, Rum and Muffins served after every Night Dive 9-...
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