Dive Boat Trips

Boat diving trips to coral reefs and wall dive sites in the Cayman Islands with Ocean Frontiers dive shop

Dive Boat Trips

Boat diving gives you the best of everything about diving in the Cayman Islands. Access dive sites that can not be reached by shore divers and the dive sites that offer the clearest visibility, the most marine life and the convenience and safety of a fully equipped and staffed dive support vessel. 

Shore diving is fine, but compared to boat diving with Ocean Frontiers, the only parallel we can draw is between camping and staying in a five star hotel.   Not only does boat diving offer you the safest and easiest access to the reefs, it also affords you the luxury of choice. Especially when diving the East End, you are never limited to one dive site and if the conditions are not good enough on one dive site, your dive boat just motors on a little further to the next dive site. You don't get that flexibility with shore diving.  

If safety, convenience and choice are still not enough to convince you that boat diving is your diving ticket, then consider our Signature Trips to add a little PSI to your dive schedule. Take home bragging rights about your Ultra Violet Night Glowing, Lion Hunting, Wreck Exploring, Safari Sighting, Deep Wall Diving, Stingray Wrangling, Reef Roaming, Silverside Rushing experience in the Cayman Islands with Ocean Frontiers!  

Boat Diving Highlights: 

  • Very Safe with professional support crew and equipment
  • Convenience and comfort with quick and easy dive site access with all facilities on board
  • Choice of 55 dive sites on the East End of Grand Cayman; always somewhere good to dive
  • Exclusive Signature Trips: UV Glow Night Dive, Lionfish Hunt, Dawn Stingray, Kittwake, Silver Rush, X-Dives
  • Classic East End Two-Tank Wall and Reef Dives or explore even more with a Three-Tank Safari
  • Full Valet Service, gear set-up and tank change, towels, and gear storage. All you have to do is dive
  • Computer Diving, Nitrox Diving and Photographer Friendly 

Everything we do revolves around diving and providing legendary service. We make diving easy by doing all the work, so you don't have to.  For more information on any of our trips, please click on the links below or use the navigation bar at the top of this page. 

Boat Dive Trip Details:

  • Two-Tank Dives
  • Three Tank Safaris
  • Night Dive - Macro Mania
  • Glow Dive - Night Ultra Violet
  • Wreck Dive - Kittiwake
  • Lionfish Hunt
  • Stingray Encounter (Snorkel) 
  • X-Dive 
  • Silver Rush (Summer Only) 

Boat Diving Rates:

  • Dive Package Rates
  • A La Carte Rack Rates
  • Rental Gear

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