Ultra Violet Glow Dive

Night dive using Ultra Violet LED flashlights to see the coral reef glow. An Ocean Frontiers dive shop exclusive in the Cayman Islands.

Ultra Violet Glow Dive

Glow Dive - Ultra Violet Night Dive - 1 Tank - Thursday

One-Tank Night Dive on a shallow coral reef using special Ultra Violet flashlights that make corals glow. Unlimited bottom time for you to enjoy the psychedelic colors. Back on board enjoy 'apres-dive' hot chocolate and fresh baked muffins.


  • 1-Tank boat dive
  • Includes use of Ultra Violet LED flashlight. One per diver
  • Unlimited bottom time
  • Shallow reef dive inside the protected East End lagoon
  • Divemaster available for guided dive
  • Unguided buddy team diving permitted
  • Hot chocolate and muffins after the dive
  • Diver certification required

An original and exclusive one-tank night dive offered by Ocean Frontiers. Using special UV (Ultra Violet) dive lights, our divers are able to see the coral reef like they have never seen before. Particular marine life and corals that are abundant inside the East End lagoon can be observed in ways that words can not describe. This magical experience is a must see for all scuba divers. Ocean Frontiers was the first dive shop in the Cayman Islands to offer UV night dives.

80.00  USD

The Science behind Glow Diving:


Fluorescence is the capability of some substances to change the wavelength of the light they receive. Instead of just reflecting light, the substance changes the wavelength of the light before emitting light in a new wavelength.  The most spectacular case of fluorescence happens when the received light is almost invisible, like ultraviolet, and is transformed to a totally different wavelength, like green.

In underwater organisms the cause of fluorescence is a protein named GFP Green Fluorescence Protein, present in some coral, anemones, shrimp… The same coral colony may have the GFP in only some parts.  Underwater fluorescence was discovered in the 50's. David Doubilet first photographed it in the wild for National Geographic in 1997 using huge, surface powered lights.

Trip Details:

  • East End 1-Tank boat dive every Thursday night
  • Departs Ocean Frontiers dock at Compass Point Dive Resort 
  • Boarding time subject to time of year sunset time, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm 
  • Price US$80 each

What's Included:
Boat Trip, Air Tank, Guide, Towel, Drinking Water, Lead Weights, Belt, Ultra Violet (UV) LED Flashlights, Muffins and Hot Chocolate provided. Unlimited bottom time.

Not included:
Other rental gear: BCD, Fins, Mask, Wetsuit, Regulator, Instruments, Dive Computer, Nitrox tanks, Camera.

Transportation to and from your hotel to the departure point in East End is not included. You will need a rental car or taxi if you are not staying in the East End district.

Gratuities Not Included

80.00  USD