Green Short Service

Divers get royal treatment and diving has never been so easy when diving with the Ocean Frontiers dive shop valet service on Grand Cayman.

Green Short Service

Green Short Service

Royalty expects the White Glove Service and Divers at Ocean Frontiers receive the Scuba Diving Valet equivalent, we call it our "Green Short Service".  This royal treatment leaves a lasting impression with all of our divers, which many have not experienced before, but are left wondering how they could ever go diving without it and in part, kick themselves for missing out until now.

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Valet Style diving is not just for the type who doesn't like to park their own car..... at Ocean Frontiers we don't believe this kind of treatment should be reserved for just the few, we give every single one of our customers the Diving Valet treatment and let you experience the original Valet Diving with the best in the business, brought to you by the guys in the Green Shorts.

Exactly what is the Green Short Service?

1- Hands Free:  After Checking in and after each dive trip, your gear is whisked away, cleaned, rested and prepared for its next adventure.  Your Wetsuit is soaked and receives a 'Sink-The-Stink' treatment,  and then each item is hung in your own gear stable and left to fully dry naturally. This is how we do it at Ocean Frontiers. 

2- Reef Royalty: Blink, and as if by magic your dive gear is assembled on the dive boat and waiting to get wet. After your first dive, blink again and your tank is changed, checked and ready for more. By this time you'll be starting to feel like "Reef Royalty".  You have proved your salt and we no longer need you to prove you can set up your dive gear- you may not be used to it, but it doesn't take long to get accustomed to your new super-star status at Ocean Frontiers.  Your gear will be set up and checked by the best dive instructors in the business. Between dives your tank is changed and checked, ready for the next dive site.  

3- S.M.A.R.T Briefings:  "Scuba Maps Artistically Rendered Topography" SMART illustrations are hand drawn for each site that you visit with Ocean Frontiers on your diving adventures. The dive sites in East End will subject you to a vast array of topography and marine life. With 55 dive sites to explore, this additional guidance will help you make sure you see all of the highlights from each dive site.  Our boat Captains have every dive site committed to memory and meticulously track which sites divers have visited to make sure that no one repeats a dive site on their trip. 

3- Dive Keeper:  While you're sleeping, we're logging your dives.  Every dive counts and we'll systematically record all of your diving with Ocean Frontiers and produce a list of dive sites, depths, times, crew names and even provide you with a brand new custom log book.  All that remains is to stamp the log pages and for you to tell the story of how big was that shark!

4- Gear Gurus: As dive equipment is needed until we grow gills, we want you to board that plane and know if murphy's law comes true, we've got your back and will get you back in the water no matter what happens.  Whether it be an o-ring swivel, free-flowing regulator, broken strap, defective clip - you name it, we've seen it all before and will get you sucking down tanks before you know it. (rental or cost of parts not included if required). 

5- Frontier Guides:  Frontier Style Diving is all about diving how you want to dive, meaning that adult supervision is no longer required and it is no longer a privilege to peal off from the group and 'do your own thing', but now is simply a choice.  We always have a Divemaster guide in the water and one Divemaster on the surface watch for every single dive we make.  You always have the luxury of choice and can decide to buddy up and explore or follow our expert guide. Should you opt to explore with your buddy, you have the peace of mind knowing our look-out on board is watching your every bubble should you need any assistance. 

Our Guys in Green Shorts take service seriously and have great pride in the care that goes in, before, during and after all of your dives with Ocean Frontiers in the Cayman Islands.