Champagne Stingrays Snorkel Boat Trips in Grand Cayman


Champagne Stingrays Snorkel Boat Trips in Grand Cayman

Champagne Stingrays | North Sound | 1-Stop | US$60.00

The 'After-Party' but with Stingrays.  Enjoy a more relaxed Stingray encounter in the late afternoon golden sun, after the crowds have departed, followed by a boat ride home sipping bubbly and watching the sun set.

4PM Winter 5PM Summer | Thursday | Check-In Kaibo


  • Small Personal Group Size- Maximum 6
  • Avoid the Crowds
  • A full 60 minutes on the Sandbar
  • water shallow enough to stand up
  • Trip scheduled on Thursday to avoid the Cruise Ship traffic
  • Photographer Friendly

Trip Details:

  • Max Pax = 6 Snorkelers / Crew = 1
  • Destination = Stingray Sandbar 
  • Duration = 2.0 hours
  • Check-In at Kaibo = 4:PM in Winter / 5:00PM in Summer
  • Return to Kaibo = 6/7PM
  • Vessel = 'Ocean Panga' (W.I.Z. Licensed) 
  • Restrictions = Min Age 8 years old / All passengers must be able to swim
  • Must be 18 years old to drink Champagne
  • Equipment = Mask & Snorkel Included (Fins / Footwear not permitted) 
  • Price = US$60 per person

Note: This is a Snorkel Trip, not a scuba diving trip. Although it is possible to dive with the Stingrays at the Deep Stingray City site, we recommend a snorkel trip to the Sandbar for divers and snorkelers alike. The Sandbar offers a great opportunity to interact with one of the world's largest populations of Southern Stingrays.

Snorkel Promotion: Kids under 12 get $10 off individual tours. 

Snorkel Packages: Pick-2 US$99, Pick-3 US$125, Pick-5 US$199 (no other discounts apply)